Private Chef



A private chef is someone who comes to your home to cook a delicious meal unique to your tastes and needs. Whether it’s a romantic meal for two, brunch for ten, or a weekly dinner for a family of six, I work with you to plan a personalized menu. I come over with all the groceries needed, prepare a fantastic meal served straight to your table, and then leave your kitchen spotless.

I also cook for special events and social gatherings, creating individually inspired meals for small parties of 2 to 25 people. Together, we plan a menu that fits any type of meal you have in mind; alternately, I send you a list of courses to choose from in advance, or simply surprise you with a fantastic meal catered start to finish. I take care of all the cooking, shopping, and kitchen clean-up. All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

I enjoy plating my meals family style–I love the communal act of passing food and drink around a table and the celebratory feel of an abundant platter. That said, I’m very open to meeting your individual needs, be it a small-bites cocktail party, a family-style meal with mains and sides, or a multi-course tasting menu with beer and wine pairings. To see a few examples of what may be on offer, please contact me here or refer to my “Pop-Ups” page.


Since each meal is specific to the client, pricing is individually influenced as well; factors such as travel, number of guests, number of courses, extra equipment, and possible drink pairings are all taken into consideration. Feel free to e-mail me with any pricing inquiries–I would love to hear from you.



As the daughter of a gluten-free baker and Macrobiotic chef, I truly enjoy accommodating any dietary, religious, or spiritual avoidances or allergies—please don’t hesitate to tell me your needs.