About Me


Professionally, I’m a culinary school-trained, ServSafe-certified, restaurant-experienced chef. That said, food has always been my way of connecting to myself, to others, and to the places I live. Cooking is my version of autobiography, and my style is derived from a lifetime of culinary experiences. There are the six summers I spent working on a small farm in Cohasset, Massachusetts, and the clambakes my grandpa would throw after a day spent pulling up traps in his lobster boat. There’s my Boston-Irish father and his eleven siblings, who love a classic potato salad and burgers on the grill, and then there’s my Boston-Jewish mother and grandmother, who have been practicing Veganism and Macrobiotics for over sixty years between them. There’s the seven months I lived in Bologna, Italy, where I’d spend most days traveling between different food vendors for slabs of coppa and just-made mozzarella, learning how to make tortellini, gelato, and traditional lasagna Bolognese; the months I studied at Ballymaloe Cookery School, a culinary program run by Darina Allen and situated in the middle of a 100-acre organic farm in Co. Cork, Ireland; the time I spent living in California, where a culinary internship at Chez Panisse in Berkeley led me to cooking full-time on the line at Zuni Cafe.

Now I’m based in Vermont, where the incredible abundance of farms, farmer’s markets, and local artisans of food and drink reflect the foundation of my culinary autobiography: sourcing products that are seasonal, sustainably produced, and locally available.